Relaxation CD with techniques for a healthy life

Relaxation Techniques for a Healthy Life (Full Download)

This lovely CD was created to give you the tools and techniques that you need for a healthy life.  Incorporate at least one of these techniques daily to help you to relax and unleash your ability to promote health and wellbeing.

Relaxation CD for children and babies - get your baby to sleep soundly every night

Sleep Sleep Sleep now... child (Full Download)

Does your child/toddler have difficulty settling to sleep? This unique CD has been designed to settle toddlers and children to sleep through a process of storytelling and relaxation. you will be amazed at how easily your child falls asleep………

Relaxation CD's for sleeping - sleep soundly tonight with help from this amazing soothing CD

Sleep Sleep Sleep now... adult (Full Download)

Are you having trouble sleeping?  This powerful CD has been produced to calm your mind and relax your body guiding you easily and gently into a deep relaxing sleep….

Relaxation CD's for babies - proven to help babies sleep soundly through the night

Sleep Sleep Sleep now... baby (Full Download)

This peaceful CD is perfect for you to play to your baby at bedtime and ideal for those nightime feeds.  The familiar cues will trigger your babies calming reflex helping them to fall asleep and sleep peacefully…….

Relaxatin CD's for people who can't sleep on long haul flights

Sleep on Long-Haul Fights (Download)

In this carefully crafted Download Anna’s soft hypnotic voice guides you gently to relax your body and mind enabling you a peaceful and tranquil sleep..This is complimented by ambient music and the unique comforting Shhhhh sound inducing slow rhythmic breathing which continues throughout allowing you to drift off and sleep deeply.

Relaxation CD's to help you relax on long haul flights

Relax on Long-haul flights (Download)

If you are an anxious traveller and are looking for a solution to relax you prior and during a flight look no further. This CD has been written with specialist advice from travel professionals who expressed a need to relax completely from their clients in order that the whole travel experience is improved.

Relaxation CD's for children to help them sleep on long haul flights

Sleep for Children on Long Haul Flight (Second Edition: Twinkle) (Download)

When Children and toddlers have no sleep it can affect their behaviour and make them very irritable and fidgety. For parents and fellow passengers this can be quite an ordeal and cause much anxiety before and during the flight. This second edition has been re-recorded with specialist advice from travel professionals. Good quality sleep on a long haul flight can make the world of difference to children.

Relaxation CD's for children to help them sleep and stay calm on long haul flights

Sleep for Children on Long Haul Flights (Second Edition: Wee Willie Winkie)(Download)

As well as taking items for entertaining your child/children on a long haul flight, it is also agood idea to take items to help them relax and sleep. Children are soothed by music and the sound of a gentle calming voice. The combination of the rhythm of the story telling along with the music is perfect to help relax and lull your child into a calming peaceful sleep.